Roast Recipe (EASY)

Dishes used: Crockpot and a cutting board. Knife and a fork.


4/4 Stars here. My family ate the whole 2.5lbs of it in 15 minutes. Even the picky eater loved it.

Roast (I used my new favorite – Arm Roast. Any roast will work)
2 packets Au Jus
1 teaspoon Beef Better than Bullion
Sliced Onion

1. Put roast in crockpot. (I put mine in totally frozen, therefore I heated up the water because of course I started too close to dinnertime. You can throw a frozen roast in with cold water if you start in the morning) 2. Mix water, au jus packs and bullion. Put in crockpot 3. Scatter sliced onion over roast 4. Pepper roast
5. Cook for 6-8 hours
6. Put on cutting board and let cool.   7. Shred it, and serve with plenty of the au jus liquid in the crockpot as gravy.

Throw it in, and forget it for hours upon hours. 😉

I suggest those Bob Evans Mashed potatoes as a side… because after all you have gravy. 😉

Prior to pouring on the fabulous gravy. We like it with a dab of horseradish.

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