Roast Recipe (EASY)

Dishes used: Crockpot and a cutting board. Knife and a fork. SUPER EASY 4/4 Stars here. My family ate the whole 2.5lbs of it in 15 minutes. Even the picky eater loved it. IngredientsRoast (I used my new favorite – Arm Roast. Any roast will work)2 packets Au Jus1 teaspoon Beef Better than BullionSliced OnionWaterPepperContinue reading “Roast Recipe (EASY)”

Our Favorite Lasagna

Dishes to wash: Uses a skillet, a mixing bowl and a 9×13 pan.4 out of 4 people in our house like it. (Note Miss Picky in the background of the pic sneaking a bite before the prayer) I think it’s even better reheated. Yay leftovers. Ingredients 1ish pound of ground beef 1 jar of spaghettiContinue reading “Our Favorite Lasagna”

Slow cooker chili (with C&C Ground Beef of course)

⭐# of dishes to wash: I use one skillet to brown the ground beef and a crockpot, and a cutting board, knife and spoon. ⭐This makes a LOT, you can half the recipe if you don’t want to be eating it for a few days. ⭐3 out of 4 of us love it. Claire won’tContinue reading “Slow cooker chili (with C&C Ground Beef of course)”